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Trick or Treat in Rural Areas

Unlike kids in Suburban neighborhoods, those in Rural areas have difficulties trick-or-treating

Spooky Trick

Desperate kids spy a single farmhouse at night on a long, lonely road. But when their family's van pulls up in the driveway, there are no lights on.

It may sound like a scene from "Scooby Doo," but it's often the reality for trick-or-treaters in rural areas. For them, Halloween is no stroll through a well-lit neighborhood. After all, it's hard to go door to door when the doors are so far apart. (

Traveling for Treats

For many in rural areas trick-or-treating means getting in the car and traveling to homes of relatives and parents' co-workers for candy. As fewer people in rural areas welcome costumed guests, the trek for treats can be a long one. (

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